Monday, March 5, 2012

My Family's Path to Pascha

What we did in our house was to make “pebbles” printed on brown construction paper (cut down to fit through the printer). Then we made a “pathway” printed on tan construction paper (also cut down). We cut all of these out and taped the path across the living room wall, attaching the pebbles to the pathway with double-sided tape.

Then there is a page with the gospel readings available from the Festal Celebrations Yahoo! Group. Based on these, I made up a small coloring page to fit inside each “pebble.” These we printed on plain copy paper and the kids colored. Each day of Lent, we are cutting the appropriate picture out and putting it on its brown paper stone on the pathway.

Here's a sample page: 

This helps us is several ways:
1.       The entire pathway is a visual way to keep perspective on how much time there is left in Lent. After the image is attached to each stone, it is clear how many plain brown stones are left each day.
2.       At the end of the pathway, we have hung an icon of the resurrection. This reminds us what the whole journey is about.
3.       It ensures that we are at least reading a little scripture and focusing on the life of Christ some each day.
4.       In our family, we do this at the time that our kids would normally have “screen time” each day, as something different to look forward to.

If you give me your e-mail address, I'm happy to send you the coloring pages I've made.


Michelle M. said...

This is fantastic! It would be such a good addition to what we are already doing. I would love a copy of the coloring pages. ourlittlemonkeys (dot) net (at) gmail

Audra said...

Thanks, Michelle. Hopefully you got the files okay.

Beth said...

I know this is late and we may not use it this year, but I would love to see youy coloring pages.