Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weather Phenomenon and Other Stuff

Yesterday I had the very strange (to me) experience of a day where the temperature reached 50 degrees, and it was appropriate to go outside in just a light jacket, yet there was nowhere for my children to play that wasn't covered in snow. I've never lived anywhere (that I can remember) with such persistent snow, able to resist days and days of temperatures above freezing. Apparently the snow's presence didn't take other parents by surprise as it did me, because they just sent their kids out in snow boots and waterproof pants to enjoy the sunshine. My girls did eventually dig in and start playing, but they returned home rather soggy as a result!

In other news, my husband has received permission from the faculty council here at St. Vladimir's to petition the Metropolitan for ordination to the deaconate. Among other considerations, this has thrust us once again into the world of liturgical vestment buying, with the purchase of a riassa (or outer-cassock) likely to be necessary soon. His ordination to the deaconate (and, God-willing, the priesthood) is something we've been looking toward since we came to seminary, but it is nonetheless an occasion to soberly recall that, even though our lives are not our own now, this truth will be more evident in the coming days. The step towards the deaconate is a step away from being able to do what we want when we want to - whether that be go on vacation or go out to dinner when there are nightly services scheduled. It is a blessing when situations in our lives help us remember reality - and even more of a blessing when we accept this reality and it leads us to repentance and peace - but it is neither easy nor a given that we will accept it.

Today is my maternal grandfather Robert's 87th birthday. Pray for him, if you would. Blessings to all of you as we begin to prepare for our Lenten journey.

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elizabeth said...

this is a special calling and a type of necessary and lived obedience ... never thought about the 'not having your nights/days' for your own choosing... one thing at a time. :) I hope your journey up to and through Lent be with may blessings...