Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Bounty and Thankfulness

This doesn't seem to be the right time of year for a post with that name (at least to Americans), but thanksgiving is always relevant and in season, right?

I have a specific reason (along with so many other ongoing ones) to be thankful this morning. Last night, I took a careful look at our finances and bank account and realized that, although we had enough to pay our bills (thank God) we didn't have any money left for groceries this week or next. I wasn't worried. I thought we might have enough in the house to get by, even if it wasn't on the most delicious or nutritious meals (macaroni and cheese, anyone?). Then August would come and we'd be able to buy food again. But just now, our neighbor downstairs, a wife of another seminary family, just knocked on the door and handed me grocery money in cash. She simply said, "That's what friends are for." I give thanks to the Lord for his provision, and to the person who gave, for her generosity. Glory to God.


elizabeth said...

How beautiful. Thank God for His provision. I can remember when I was just graduated BA student and by this time in the summer I did not have enough money and God gave me money twice through others and so I was able to pay rent... and I think my parents were helping me with food, come to think of it. God is so merciful.

thegeekywife said...

Thanks be to God! What a blessing!

(It always seems that God comes through right in the nick of time, doesn't it?)

Darlene said...

There was a time when my husband and I were dirt poor and had no food in the house. Two Christian ladies knocked on our door with bags full of groceries!